Fun parks in Val di Cecina

The Fun Parks of the Cecina Valley are among the favorite attractions of families on vacation on the coast. In fact, they allow adults and children to spend a different day, away from the shimmering sun of the beaches, doing an activity that stimulates and delights at all ages.

In Cecina is located the Parco Gallorose, a true educational farm where children can see the farm animals and even some esotic species such as monkeys, kangaroos, alpaca and lemur. It is a very ideal place for families with young children that love to play surrounded by nature.

Nearby are located even the Cavallino Matto and the Giardino Sospeso. The first one is an historic playground located in the center of the mediterranean pine forest a short distance from the beach of Donoratico. More than a playground it is a true luna park with roller coasters, 4D cinema and water games.

The Giardino Sospeso, in Riparbella, is instead an adventure park suitable for adults and children of at least 6 years old. To complete the adveture trail between the trees you have to walk along wood bridges, ropes and nets.

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