Gallorose Park in Cecina

The Gallorose Park is a farm, gradually transformed into a wildlife park, located in Cecina.
Born in 2001 every year it is enriched and evolved and its main purpose is to spread the importance of biodiversity and to educate the sustainable use of natural resources.

Kangaroos, bertucce, fennec foxes and giant squirrels are just some of the 150 species of animals that are found in the Gallorose Park; in fact, you can see mammals and exotic birds, but also typical of the territory of Cecina as the Cavallino of Monteruforli and the Sienese Cinta.

For 3 km inside Gallorose Park, there are routes that will take you to the discovery of animals, but also the history of this company and the territory.

Inside the Parco Gallorose, there are, in fact, several museums created from old farm buildings that contain exhibition and objects from the early 1900s. A museum dedicated to vintage toys, to rediscover children’s pastimes from the beginning of the last century to today; a museum on farm work items and another on everyday life with objects from the 1700s.

The Gallorose Park also offers a bar service for sandwiches, coffee, drinks and ice cream or the self-service restaurant that offers quick lunches. Inside the park, there is also a restaurant of typical cuisine, the dishes that are served are all prepared with ingredients produced exclusively inside the farm.

Gallorose Park is a place to discover nature, traditions and flavors of this beautiful area of Tuscany.

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