Montescudaio – The village of wine

A few kilometers from Cecina is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, renamed for its history, but also for its wine.
Montescudaio was originally the location of a Benedictine monastery, in the Middle Ages it then became an important village thanks to its position; in fact, on the most beautiful days, from the castle square you can also see the islands Gorgona and Capraia.
It boasts a very interesting architectural heritage, from the center we find Piazza Matteotti and continuing there are palaces and ancient villas very beautiful of the main noble families. Then there is the Church of Santissima Annunziata, rebuilt in 1800 on the remains of the old church of the 1400s, which collapsed after an earthquake.
Near the Town Hall there is the only watch tower still present in the village.
Montescudaio is recognized as a City of Wine, has entered the National Wine City Association thanks to its oenological tradition handed down since the Etruscan era. The first weekend of October, in fact, takes place the famous wine festival, an important event for fans for discover the wines of the area as the DOC Montescusaio.

Foto: TyrrhenusMontescudaio panoramicaCC BY 3.0

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