Cecina is an animated seaside town, one of the main landmarks of the Etruscan Coast. With an ancient Etruscan and Roman history of great historical value, Cecina is today a very popular tourist resort and especially appreciated during the summer season.

In addition to the long sandy beach, accessible even to dogs, and crystal clear sea, what makes Cecina so interesting and loved by holidaymakers is the city center. There are in fact many shopping venues, boutiques and grocery stores where you can buy local products. Excellence oil and wine at km 0, coming from the nearby towns of Bolgheri, Bibbona, Montescudaio, Casale Marittimo, are easily sold in the shops of the center.
Shopping in Cecina is an ideal activity for enjoying the warm summer evenings. Every night the city center becomes a place for meetings and walks.

The smallest resort in Cecina Mare, the true heart of the nightlife of the holidaymakers, is not less.
There are also many shops and shopping boulevards that supply the locals and tourists with everything they need for the beach. There are also several places to spend the evening with friends or family with music and cocktails on the seashore.

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