Siena and its treasures

One of the most important cities of art and history of Tuscany is Siena, a medieval city surrounded by the beautiful hills of Val D’Orcia.

Among these enchanted landscapes there is one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy, walking through its streets you will be transported back in time.

Siena has developed around the famous Piazza del Campo, the gathering place of the Sienese that, even today, hosts the famous Palio and the city market.

Piazza del Campo was built during the Government of the Nine, as its nine segments recall. Arriving in the square you are enchanted by all the buildings that surround it and the beautiful Palazzo Pubblico and its tower, the Torre del Mangia.

The building is home to the municipality and inside there is the Civic Museum and access to the Tower that allows you to have a panoramic view of the whole of Siena.

A few steps from the main square there is the beautiful cathedral of Siena, its architecture will leave you speechless. Its two-tone facade, the decorations and the majestic bell tower are just a preview of what there is inside.

The true treasure, in fact, is inside; the floor of the Cathedral of Siena is a magnificent work created by marble inlays and graffiti that depict religious stories and symbols made from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century.

The chapels and the Piccolomini Library collects priceless works by various artists including the frescoes by Pinturicchio and the statues by Donatello.

Walking through the streets of Siena you will retrace the history of this magical place that offers, at each visit, something new to discover.

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