The Etruscan Coast

The stretch of coast that lies between the provinces of Livorno and Piombino is known as the Etruscan Coast, so called for the presence of these people in this area as early as the ninth century a. C.

In fact, there are several testimonies of the passage of the Etruscans on the territory; traces of everyday life that you can meet even just walking in these areas.

The Etruscan Coast offers parks and nature reserves where you can relive the history of this people. One of the most famous is certainly the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia on the Etruscan Coast, where there are important testimonies and archaeological finds that create a real open-air museum.

The coast is appreciated and visited every year by many tourists thanks to its beautiful beaches and clear sea.

The pine forests frame the large golden beaches and pebble and rocky beaches where you can enjoy the sun, moreover, under the crystal clear water, you can see the remains of the ancient Via Aurelia.

There are many services on the Etruscan Coast, bathing establishments and free beaches but also stretches of beach dedicated to water sports.

The Etruscan Coast is a place of relaxation suited to the beach and sea lovers, but is also perfect for those who love history and nature!

Photo: AlMarePopulonia Necropoli di San Cerbone TombaCC BY-SA 2.5

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