The Ghost Village of Montingegnoli

Montingegnoli, a village born around 1100, is the so-called “ghost” village.

Precisely because of this particularity compared to the other ancient villages found throughout the Val di Cecina, it appears to be one of the attractions that most intrigues those who come to visit this area.

Today, however, the small village is closed to the public in different parts, but it is still possible to visit a part of it, however enough to make the visit fascinating and at the same time also a bit disturbing due to the deafening silence and the “desert” climate that you can see it step by step.

Despite having been uninhabited for over 1 century, its state of preservation is almost perfect and even with all the details in their original state which, as we remember, we speak of a village of the year about 1100.

The most important area to visit in the village of Montingegnoli, is certainly the main castle; built around 1150, it retains all its original features and details and the most notable feature is its circular garden.

The reasons why the village is currently closed to the public are to be found in its current sales status.

Yes, the village is currently at auction and waiting for a buyer; so it turns out to be practically a private property.

It is not excluded, therefore, that later on it can be completely closed to the public.

In case you want to take a walk in this beautiful ghost town, it’s worth taking advantage of it now, before it can be too late.


Il Borgo di Montingegnoli is part of the province of Siena, exactly in the Radicondoli area.

To reach the ghost town, continue towards Belforte, then cross the junction that leads to Anqua that you will find on the right.
After about 700 meters, always on the right, you will find an open space where you can park. Continue on foot on the dirt road and in a few minutes you will be taken to the small village of Montingegnoli.

Montingegnoli is just one of the many small historic villages that you will find in Tuscany during your vacation and if you are curious to discover more, click here to learn about some other villages in the Val di Cecina area.

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