Tombolo of Cecina nature reserve

The Tombolo of Cecina Nature Reserve is one of the most beautiful Italian reserves, a place of peace and tranquility just a few steps from the sea.

This beautiful pine forest was created by the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Leopoldo, in 1800 with the aim of protecting the cultivations of local farmers from the wind and the salt coming from the sea.

This is how today we can enjoy this green space that offers shade and freshness during the hot summer days. The Tombolo of Cecina Nature Reserve stretches for 15 kilometers between Mediterranean scrub, pine and sand dunes, the so-called Tomboli.

The vegetation is also rich in flowers, like the lily and the sea poppy and in the park there are juniper and holm oaks.
Within the Tombolo of Cecina Nature Reserve, there are various paths, easy paths to follow even by children and others that can be traveled by bicycle or on horseback.
Along the paths there are rest stops, benches and tables where you can enjoy a picnic or rest in the cool.

During the visit to the Tombolo of Cecina Nature Reserve, you will have the opportunity to follow the traces of the many animals that stay in the park such as foxes, porcupines, rabbits and roe deer and to see the species of birds that inhabit this area.

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