Volterra, the city of alabaster

Volterra is a charming medieval village in the province of Pisa, famous since ancient times for the extraction and processing of alabaster.
Not far from Florence, Siena and the Tuscan coast, it contains very important historical and artistic evidence. The village has Etruscan origins and the structure of the old town reminds us of it.

Even today it is possible to visit the Etruscan walls of the IVth, the access doors to Volterra, Porta Diana and Porta dell’Arco and the Acropolis where the foundations of the two ancient Etruscan temples are located.

You can stroll through the narrow streets of the town bordered by artisan shops where you can buy souvenirs and alabaster objects. But there are also bars, wine bars and restaurants where you can taste typical products and drink some good wine.

The historic center is almost completely inside the thirteenth-century walls around the ancient church of Santa Maria, there are several museums, churches and squares that will immerse you in a timeless atmosphere.

The museums of Volterra collect many finds found in this area, you can visit the Etruscan Museum, the Art Gallery, the Museum of Sacred Art and the Museum dedicated to alabaster.
Volterra is a magical city, rich in history and traditions that are worth visiting and discovering.

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