Food and wine costs of the Etruscans

The Etruscan Coast is a place rich in history and nature to visit for its heritage of findings dating back to various historical periods, for the sandy beaches and the beautiful sea and for the spectacular medieval villages immersed in the hills.

But we must not forget that the ancient origins of the Etruscan Coast have also influenced its food and wine.

For this reason, the Etruscan Coast also contains many itineraries about the flavors of this area, such as those that follow the Wine and Oil Roads, which lead to the discovery of medieval villages and traditional recipes.

But even just passing through the coastal towns and inland villages on the hills you can discover the taste of this land and you can taste the wines of ancient origin.

Precisely in this area, in fact, there is the village of Montescudaio, famous for its wine and for its winemaking tradition with Etruscan origins; but also Bibbona, famous for its Terratico di Bibbona DOC, and Bolgheri, a land famous for its internationally renowned wines.

The gastronomy of the Etruscan Coast is rich and varied between fish and meat dishes; the flavors mix and create unique combinations of taste.

Cacciucco is one of the most famous dishes, but also Livornese salted codfish and Livornese red mullet; then there are dishes of meat and game, to be enjoyed with local red wines, ravioli, meat skewers and sausages.

The Etruscan Coast is a concentrate of history, flavors and aromas to visit and discover slowly.

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